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The Minnesota State Fair

Ah the Great Minnesota Get-Together. One of my favorite times of the year! The MN state fair is one of the biggest state fairs (second largest in 2019) in the US. It hosts around 2 million visitors during its 12 day run and has almost THREE HUNDRED food and beverage vendors... we don’t go for... Continue Reading →

New York City

100% my favorite city. It is super accessible, everywhere is walking distance, no one cares about your Gucci belt or Dior sunglasses.. it is quite literally poetry in motion. My family is from Long Island so I always have a great excuse to go to the East Coast (or avoid it amirite?). This past spring... Continue Reading →

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Okay, okay I know that Punta Cana has really gone through it this year BUT for two years in a row this has been my favorite winter getaway. We’ve been to Mexico before (to be fair only once) but Punta Cana was much more pleasant and affordable in my opinion. Will be go back in... Continue Reading →


In 2014 my husband and I stayed in Chicago for about a week for our honeymoon. At this point in our lives we didn’t have as much expendable income or experience traveling so our trip was enjoyable but left us wanting to try again. So in 2016, on a whim, I purchased tickets to see... Continue Reading →


I got married in 2013 and for the twentysomethings that were me and my friends a Vegas bachelorette party was a far cry from realistic. HOWEVER at the very last minute 3 friends and I pulled together enough extra cash to spend 2 nights in Vegas.. we had the time of our lives and the... Continue Reading →


Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Joy. I am a thirty-something midwestern millennial who is not quite willing to let go of her twenties and jump into adulthood. I’m stuck in the in-between. Some days I’m up for going to a rave, others I just want to hang out with my cat and online shop... Continue Reading →

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